Wednesday, December 9, 2009


However, it is pretty easy to disappoint her. Take water, for example. Clearly, it was never expected that this vital element, on which all forms of life depends, would fail to live up to its promise one day.
Water was once quite pure, containing only moderate amounts of naturally occurring substances. Yes, this was once true. Today, however, the earth’s supply is woefully contaminated.
Of course, it’s not nature’s fault. It’s ours! We have dumped just about every toxic chemical known to man into the environment with reckless disregard for the consequences.

Time to come full-circle
Since we caused the problem, the question is: how do we remedy the problem? By going back to the source and letting nature be our guide!
Water in its purest form is found in the vapor that arises from the earth’s surface, leaving behind any contaminants it may have collected.

This process of evaporation is known as the Hydrologic Cycle. Distillation simulates this same natural process, turning ordinary tap water into pure, clean steam vapor which is condensed, then passed through an organic carbon filter-effectively removing bacteria, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and a whole list of synthetic chemicals and industrial pollutants.

Distillation is one of the earliest forms of effective water treatment…..2,000 years ago; Julius Caesar depended on solar distillation to provide his soldiers with drinkable water.

It is a remarkable technology-easily accessible through the full line of Waterwise products-that bows to Mother Nature.

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Distillation Process

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awesome Ice bucket!

I came across an ad for the Bodum double walled glass ice bucket in a trade publication some time ago. I went about ordering one out of pure curiosity. The buckets come in a variety of cool colors and comes nicely packaged. This baby is great for cold and hot! The thermal double wall thermal glass insulates and keeps ice cold and soups & hot food hot. I have used it for ice and soup, and I was impressed with the performance of each.

The best feature beyond the obvious, is the appearance during serving, very chic and trendy. The ice bucket looks great with your table scape, bbq setting or cocktail tray. During one of my recent events we didn't empty out the bucket until the next morning and our ice stayed nearly solid. Now that's performance!

For the holiday season try freezing pure distilled water with cranberries, olives, lemon & orange juice for festive drink floaters!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The new "Raw Water" latest in Designer Bottled Water

Designer Bottled Waters

I came across a new bottled water on the market, "Raw Water" by Summit Springs. Curiously it sells for 5.95 liter and is straight out of the ground without treatment. The packaging is clever, the title catchy, the idea stale, the purity questionable.
 Are people that desperate for a new designer water that they will go for this?
"The raw water will be exactly that, gravity fed into the bottle moments after leaving the ground without any filtration, pumping, treatment, etc. Nothing, nada, not so much as a paper towel,". Bryan Pullen

Really makes you wonder, do people want clean pure water without contaminants or a cool bottle to carry around?
After reading the press releases about this product, I really question what's really in it. Some testing might be in order.