Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awesome Ice bucket!

I came across an ad for the Bodum double walled glass ice bucket in a trade publication some time ago. I went about ordering one out of pure curiosity. The buckets come in a variety of cool colors and comes nicely packaged. This baby is great for cold and hot! The thermal double wall thermal glass insulates and keeps ice cold and soups & hot food hot. I have used it for ice and soup, and I was impressed with the performance of each.

The best feature beyond the obvious, is the appearance during serving, very chic and trendy. The ice bucket looks great with your table scape, bbq setting or cocktail tray. During one of my recent events we didn't empty out the bucket until the next morning and our ice stayed nearly solid. Now that's performance!

For the holiday season try freezing pure distilled water with cranberries, olives, lemon & orange juice for festive drink floaters!

Happy Holidays!