Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why I drink Distilled Water by Dr. Dennison


When I was a boy roaming the hills of West Virginia, it was such a simple matter to quench my thirst by finding a spring of refreshing mountain water. But conditions have changed. Since the industrial revolution and especially since World War II, we have dumped synthetic chemicals by the thousands into the environment. When I go back now, finding a pure mountain spring is not as easy. You, see pollution has invaded the hills of West Virginia the same as it has every other place on earth. Air and water currents have spread toxic wastes. So it is understandable that America’s springs, lakes, rivers, wells and other sources of drinking water have not escaped this ever growing invasion of pollutants.

So, where can I go to find that refreshing drink of good, pure water that my body so desperately needs today? The answer is a home water distiller. The distiller provides me with pure water now, just as the mountain stream served me in the past. It provides me with the most important substance of life and health – good pure water.

Now you might ask, “Why is pure water so essential to life and good health?” The answer is…we are over 70% water. Water, in pure form, is the common ingredient in our bodies and is part of every cell. Water not only transports nutrients across cell membranes, but reaches into every cell to absorb and carry away the poisons that are formed as a part of the life process. When water brought into our bodies is already polluted, its natural cleansing functions are impaired. Distilled water enters your system clean. It is free to absorb and wash away the poisons your body generates as well as the poisons that have accumulated.

Some people have the mistaken belief that essential minerals are derived from the water they drink. Yes, we do need minerals, but the source of minerals for the body is the food we eat – not the water we drink. Plants have the unique ability to convert inorganic minerals absorbed from the soil and water into organic forms our bodies can use. Our bodies can use few, if any, of the minerals absorbed in water. These minerals merely contaminate our water and hinder that water from performing its natural functions.

Some health specialists believe we experience hardening of the arteries, arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, vision problems (glaucoma and cataracts) loss of hearing, diabetes, obesity, emphysema and other ailments in greater intensities and more frequently when we consume polluted or contaminated water. There’s no absolute medical proof that drinking distilled water will cure any of the infirmities that humans suffer, but there are thousands of case histories of people who have enjoyed success in alleviating or overcoming these health problems when they began drinking distilled water exclusively. Does it not make sense, therefore, to consume only pure water produced by a good quality distiller right in your own home?

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